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Program for Freya Seminar: Dare to dream!

2:00-2:20: Fika (coffee, tea, Swedish cookies)
2:20-2:50: Entertainment with "Swedish Sisters" Songs and stand-up comedy based on women’s dreams and possibilities/difficulties in Sweden and Taiwan.

3:00-3:50: Ann Lin: My Dream Garden! Ann tells her life story about how she started her own company and in two years made enough money to buy the house of her dreams and travel to more than 30 countries. Now she encourages others to dream in her Dream Garden, a forum for women who want to fulfill their dreams!

4:00-4:20: Q and A with Susanne Palm

4:20-5:00: Le Grande Finale! Dress like a Dream! Fashion show by A cross Fab!

2:20-2:50: 藉由 Swedish Sisters 開場的歌唱中,我們一起來發現在遙遠的兩個國度中,瑞典與台灣,能夠產生什麼樣的夢想火花來

3:00-4:00: Ann Lin (林莉宜) 安妮圓夢花園 : Ann 要跟大家一起分享她的故事,她是為何離開科技業,開設自己的公司,更棒的是做自己喜歡的事又能完成美夢,周遊列國! 現在Ann要在他的圓夢花園中告訴你如何縱情自己的夢想,而夢想的遠近,永遠都在於你是如何去爭取!

4:00-4:20: Susanne 的 Q and A 分享時刻

4:20-5:00: 合適的服裝,帶給你自信,也帶給你成功的契機,不必像project runaway一般的冷酷,我們更像是姊妹之間的試衣大會,讓我們一起來分享我們的穿衣術吧

報名費 200NT,出席請在本頁回覆

Please RSVP on the FB page or email 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看  or just show up! WELCOME!

Freya Seminar: DARE TO DREAM!

“Every morning when I wake up, I am living my dream!”

Welcome to our Freya Seminar at How Young Cafe on the 27th of November at 2PM and listen to Ann Lin! (photo)

Address: 台北市中山區龍江路223巷24-1號 Tel: 02-25090930  Zhongshan Junior Highschool MRT Taipei
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Workshop: Develop your presentation skills

A theatre workshop that helps you develop your body language, stage presence and  improve your presentation skills. In this workshop, we move and talk using differents ways, different movements and play theatre games.You don't need to have any theatre experience at all to join this workshop. Inspired by in Europe well-known theatre masters Philip Gaullier, Madeliene Barchevska and Katrin Byreus, our teacher Susanne Palm guides you in the world of^magic, happiness, creativity and courage. You will enjoy it, we promise! It will also change your attitude and approach, the next time you stand in front of other people, whether it's a presentation at a conference about IT or a ball rom dance competition!

電影工作訪可以幫助你發展你的肢體語言,上台演出和增進報告技巧. 在這個研討會,我們會以不同的方法和技巧並且玩拍電影的遊戲讓你從中學習. 不需要有任何的電影相關背景也可以學習. 因為被歐洲知名的電影大師Philip Gaullier, Madaliene Barchevska 和 Katrin Byreus所啟發,我們的老師Susanne Palm會引領你進入神奇魔幻,快樂又附有創意的電影世界. 保證你會享受其中的樂趣! 這個活動也會改變你的態度和方法,下次當你再次站在別人面前,無論是一個報告還是電子會議還是跳舞比賽你將會從容的面對

"Thanks so much for the workshop, we really loved it. It was so nice to see my students in different roles. The exercises helped us a lot to develop our stage presence, teamwork and stimulate our creativity. We are starting to be more expressive now. "

真的非常感謝電影工作訪,我們都好喜歡!!!! 能夠看到我的學生扮演不同角色我真的很開心. 這個活動也幫助我們在舞台上的表演,團隊合作並能激發你的創造力.我們從現在開始變的越來知道如何表達自我.

Magda Zieba, dance teacher/dancer in Taipei




Swedish vikings瑞典人是屬於團隊導向的。從以前的老海盜他們了解每個人都必須確保大家都安全的上了船才可以回家的重要性,否則,就不會有足夠的人手可以划船回家了。 至今,幾乎所有的瑞典人都喜歡組團隊活動。瑞典教育有著很多小組練習。我們習慣性以我們來做思考,而不是以我為出發點來做思考。 但是,要能夠以我們來做思考,我們得先知道自己的重要性。 在這裡要介紹的工作坊活動是被Philippe Gaullier, Katrin Byreus and Augusto Boal所啟發的。

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All students will also have access to our online class materials with recordings of dialogues etc.

Swedish Favorites: Fika

aIf there is one word that a foreigner visiting Sweden will learn, it is "fika". This word is both a verb and a noun. It can be translated as a coffee break but it also describes the act of taking a break and relax. Most Swedish offices and factories will close for both a morning and afternoon "fika". Its a time to relax and build some relationships. Not to mention, having a coffee and cinnamonbun!

Swedish Favorites: Meatballs

swedish-meatballsWhen asked what the most Swedish food is, most will say Swedish meatballs. While people all over the world eats delicious meatballs, Swedish people claim meatballs with potatoes, brown gravy and lingberry jam as the dish closest to their hearts.

Swedish Favorites: Midsummers

midsommar1After a long long long winter, Swedish people are ready to celebrate that summer and warmth have come, even if its just for a few months. That's what makes the Midsummer's Eve celebration so important. Everyone wants to find a spot out in the country side where they can BBQ, drink a few beers and dance around the May-pole.