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Beginners Swedish Courses

The classes for people who has not learned Swedish before. The classes are fun and you will quickly be able to start using your Swedish.

Pick the time-slot that fits you and sign-up and pay online. Fast and simple!

Beginners. Basic 1 : Tuesdays 7:30-9:30PM Start April 12th

$8 400.00
Swedish course for beginners. We focus on conversation and talk about Swedish culture, music, art, and movies. To learn Swedish is lots of fun! 

Beginners. Basic 1. Saturdays: 1:00 - 3:00 PM Start March 19th

$8 400.00
Swedish course for beginners. Basic 1. We focus on conversation and talk about Swedish culture, music, art, and movies. 

Beginners: Basic 2. Tuesdays Start 22nd of February 1-3PM

$8 400.00
Basic 2: This course focus more on reading Swedish. Also Swedish conversation, grammar and some writing. A course for you who already know some Swedish. 

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Sign Up and get access to class materials online

All students will also have access to our online class materials with recordings of dialogues etc.

Swedish Favorites: Fika

aIf there is one word that a foreigner visiting Sweden will learn, it is "fika". This word is both a verb and a noun. It can be translated as a coffee break but it also describes the act of taking a break and relax. Most Swedish offices and factories will close for both a morning and afternoon "fika". Its a time to relax and build some relationships. Not to mention, having a coffee and cinnamonbun!

Swedish Favorites: Meatballs

swedish-meatballsWhen asked what the most Swedish food is, most will say Swedish meatballs. While people all over the world eats delicious meatballs, Swedish people claim meatballs with potatoes, brown gravy and lingberry jam as the dish closest to their hearts.

Swedish Favorites: Midsummers

midsommar1After a long long long winter, Swedish people are ready to celebrate that summer and warmth have come, even if its just for a few months. That's what makes the Midsummer's Eve celebration so important. Everyone wants to find a spot out in the country side where they can BBQ, drink a few beers and dance around the May-pole.