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About Enspyre Academy

My name is Elias Ek, I am from Sweden but have lived in the US, Japan and for the last 10 years in Taiwan. In 2002 I founded Enspyre, a company that mainly provides business services.

Every few months I would get an email from the Swedish Trade Office in Taipei saying that someone had contacted them asking where they could learn Swedish. But none of the Swedish people that received these emails were available to teach so these requests went unanswered.

This happened so many times that I finally decided that somethings needed to be done. I contacted the trade office and asked them that if I could find a teacher and arrange the classes, could they send out an email to all their databases? They thought it was a great idea.

Lucky lucky we have found a great teacher who has several years experience teaching Swedish to people in London. Come and learn some Swedish!


Swedish is FUN

My name is Susanne Palm and I love to learn more about different languages and cultures. So far, I have lived and worked in Sweden, England, Ireland, France and Taiwan. I'm fluent in Swedish(mother toungue), English, German, French and Mandarin and know that learning a language can both take time and lots of efforts.

However, it's also one of the most FUN and important things you can do in your life as a language is the most important tool for communication.

My backgound is in education, journalism and theater. I've worked as a teacher in London, Goteborg and Taipei and as a reporter for Swedish and English media. I  also write plays for theatre.

I believe in "Learning by Doing" and will always encourage my students to start speaking as soon as possible. As a teacher, I'm providing a fun and positive learning environment where we together can enjoy and make progress fast.











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Swedish Favorites: Fika

aIf there is one word that a foreigner visiting Sweden will learn, it is "fika". This word is both a verb and a noun. It can be translated as a coffee break but it also describes the act of taking a break and relax. Most Swedish offices and factories will close for both a morning and afternoon "fika". Its a time to relax and build some relationships. Not to mention, having a coffee and cinnamonbun!

Swedish Favorites: Meatballs

swedish-meatballsWhen asked what the most Swedish food is, most will say Swedish meatballs. While people all over the world eats delicious meatballs, Swedish people claim meatballs with potatoes, brown gravy and lingberry jam as the dish closest to their hearts.

Swedish Favorites: Midsummers

midsommar1After a long long long winter, Swedish people are ready to celebrate that summer and warmth have come, even if its just for a few months. That's what makes the Midsummer's Eve celebration so important. Everyone wants to find a spot out in the country side where they can BBQ, drink a few beers and dance around the May-pole.