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Learn about the Swedish Tomte

A Swedish Tomte is a kind of tiny, benevolent elf or gnome that likes to take up residence near or under houses that are close to a forest, and tends to be occasionally useful to the inhabitants of the house if they treat it well. Typically, they will help lost animals find their way home, or sometimes babysit. Nowadays, they are very handy and can even learn how to repair the dish washer.


A Tomte presumably lives off nuts and berries, but in the winter when these are hard to find, it is customary to set out a bowl of porridge outside the front door late in the evening, so that the local tomte has something to eat. This is very important especially around Christmas. On Christmas Eve, it is customary in remote farms to set the dining table for a feast, and leave it overnight. The local Tomte as well as ones from neighbouring houses and from the forest would then sneak in and eat whatever they wanted during the night, and then the people of the house would eat the next day. In Sweden, it's very important to keep a good relationship to your nearby Tomte. Tomtar live all over the world, but I have so far not seen anyone in Taipei or the rest of Taiwan.


Why Swedish?

I have studied Swedish in Taipei at Enspyre Academy. That was definitely a great experience to learn Swedish from our Swedish teacher, Susanne, an energetic and fun person. 

Enspyre Academy has a very good teaching method that suits me perfectly.

I am going to Sweden next month and I am now able to use and understand a daily conversation. Thanks to the Enspyre Academy classes, I feel prepared to move there and ready to start a new life.

Tin-Tin, Hsinchu

Learning Swedish at Enspyre Academy is very interesting. I like to  discuss Swedish culture, traditional food, sports, and of course, language. What Enspyre Academy provides me with, are not just some  classes, but a lot of fun and motivation to learn Swedish.

Nick, Taipei

As I am a teacher myself, I know that learning a language will take time and patience but after three months with Enspyre Academy, I feel much more confident in my Swedish.  My boy-friend is Swedish. That is the reason I really wanted to learn it as fast as possible.  

Nicole, Taipei

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Swedish Favorites: Fika

aIf there is one word that a foreigner visiting Sweden will learn, it is "fika". This word is both a verb and a noun. It can be translated as a coffee break but it also describes the act of taking a break and relax. Most Swedish offices and factories will close for both a morning and afternoon "fika". Its a time to relax and build some relationships. Not to mention, having a coffee and cinnamonbun!

Swedish Favorites: Meatballs

swedish-meatballsWhen asked what the most Swedish food is, most will say Swedish meatballs. While people all over the world eats delicious meatballs, Swedish people claim meatballs with potatoes, brown gravy and lingberry jam as the dish closest to their hearts.

Swedish Favorites: Midsummers

midsommar1After a long long long winter, Swedish people are ready to celebrate that summer and warmth have come, even if its just for a few months. That's what makes the Midsummer's Eve celebration so important. Everyone wants to find a spot out in the country side where they can BBQ, drink a few beers and dance around the May-pole.