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A Swedish Christmas song about Tomtar (gnomes)
This is a Swedish song we sing at Christmas time every year. It's called Tomtarnas Julnatt ( The Gnomes' Christmas night) It's very popular in Sweden and we often learn it at school.
Tomtarnas Julnatt
The Gnomes' Christmas Night
Christmas Carol

Midnatt råder,
tyst det är i husen,
tyst i husen.
Alla sover,
släckta äro ljusen,
äro ljusen.

Se, då krypa 
tomtar upp ur vrårna
upp ur vrårna,
lyssna, speja,
trippa fram på tårna, 
fram på tårna. 

Snälla folket 
låtit maten rara, 
maten rara, 
stå på bordet
åt en tomteskara,

Hur de mysa,
hoppa upp bland faten,
upp bland faten, 
tissla, tassla¹, 
"God är julematen, 

Gröt och skinka, 
lilla äppelbiten, 
tänk så rart 
det smakar Nisse² liten, 
Nisse² liten. 

Nu till lekar!³ 
Glada skratten klingar,
skratten klingar, 
runt om granen³ 
skaran muntert svingar,
muntert svingar. 

Natten lider. 
Snart de tomtar snälla, 
tomtar snälla, 
kvick och näpet 
allt i ordning ställa, 
ordning ställa. 

Sedan åter 
in i tysta vrårna,
tysta vrårna, 
tassar lätt på tårna, 
lätt på tårna.
Christmas Carol

Midnight reigns,
It's quiet in the houses,
Quiet in the houses.
Everyone sleeps,
The candles are put out,
Candles put out.

Look, there comes
The gnomes out from the corners,
From the corners,
List'ning, watching,
Sneaking on their toes,
On their toes.

The nice people
Have left the sweet food,
The sweet food,
On the table
For a band of gnomes,
Band of gnomes.

How they frolic,
Skipping between dishes,
Between dishes,
Whisper, murmur¹
"It's good, the Christmas food,
Christmas food."

Porridge, ham,
The little piece of apple,
Piece of apple,
Ah how sweet
It tastes for little Gnomie²,
Little Gnomie².

Now the games!³
Happy laughter sounding,
Laughter sounding,
'Round the tree³
The gang merrily swings,
Merrily swings.

Night is ending.
Soon the friendly gnomes,
Friendly gnomes,
Quickly, neatly,
Putting all in order,
All in order.

Then, back
Into the quiet corners,
Quiet corners,
The gang of gnomes
Sneak on their toes,
On their toes.
This song is not so common in Taiwan.

Why Swedish?

I have studied Swedish in Taipei at Enspyre Academy. That was definitely a great experience to learn Swedish from our Swedish teacher, Susanne, an energetic and fun person. 

Enspyre Academy has a very good teaching method that suits me perfectly.

I am going to Sweden next month and I am now able to use and understand a daily conversation. Thanks to the Enspyre Academy classes, I feel prepared to move there and ready to start a new life.

Tin-Tin, Hsinchu

Learning Swedish at Enspyre Academy is very interesting. I like to  discuss Swedish culture, traditional food, sports, and of course, language. What Enspyre Academy provides me with, are not just some  classes, but a lot of fun and motivation to learn Swedish.

Nick, Taipei

As I am a teacher myself, I know that learning a language will take time and patience but after three months with Enspyre Academy, I feel much more confident in my Swedish.  My boy-friend is Swedish. That is the reason I really wanted to learn it as fast as possible.  

Nicole, Taipei

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